Action Cerebral Palsy Launches Its 2024 Manifesto

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Action Cerebral Palsy Manifesto 2024 logo

Action Cerebral Palsy was delighted to formally launch our Action Cerebral Palsy Manifesto 2024 at the House of Commons on Wednesday 22nd May at an event made possible by the kind support of Mary Kelly Foy MP. 

The event’s purpose was to present our Action Cerebral Palsy Manifesto to Parliamentarians and to request their support for its recommendations, and to discuss the challenges faced by children and young people who are living with the condition and their families. We were joined by Peers and MPs from across the political parties as well as by leading paediatric clinicians and NHSE Children and Young People Transformation Team personnel who have been instrumental in developing the pending NHSE Cerebral Palsy Framework and who were present to explain the next steps leading to the implementation of the Framework. 

We are grateful to the following MPs and Peers for their support at the launch for the Action Cerebral Palsy Manifesto: 

  • Lord Speaker Baron John McFall 
  • Baroness Stephanie Fraser 
  • Ms. Fleur Anderson
  • Mr. Peter Dowd
  • Sir Liam Fox
  • Mr. Paul Girvan
  • Mr. Andrew Gwynne
  • Ms. Sharon Hodgson
  • Ms. Carla Lockhart
  • Mr. Justin Madders
  • Mr. John McDonnell
  • Ms. Kate Osborne
  • Ms. Stephanie Peacock
  • Mr. Greg Smith  
  • Ms. Liz Twist
  • Mr. Martin Vickers

The Manifesto comprises three “asks” all of which have been drawn from the report and recommendations of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Cerebral Palsy sessions which were held between 2020 and 2022. Action Cerebral Palsy was the lead sponsor for the APPG sessions which took evidence of clinical and educational provision for children with cerebral palsy from birth to transition to adulthood. The APPG was chaired by Mary Kelly Foy MP and Paul Maynard MP, both of whom have lived experience of cerebral palsy. 

Action CP Manifesto Asks:  

1. Implement the proposed framework for the commissioning of care and services for CYP with CP developed by the NHSE CYP Transformation Programme.  

2. Invest in recruitment and training to increase specialist knowledge of CP across health, education and social care.  

3. Fund dedicated lead professionals to act as advocate, co-ordinator and support from diagnosis to transition to adulthood. 

We are pleased to have the following endorsements:

“As a parent of a daughter with cerebral palsy who has struggled to receive the community based therapies and equipment she needs to access her school environment, I fully endorse Action Cerebral Palsy’s Manifesto 2024. Change is desperately needed to properly support the 30,000 children and young people with cerebral palsy in the UK and their families, many of whom face a continual challenge of inadequate care and resources. These children and their families deserve better.”
Dr Jessica Alcena BSc(Hons) MBBS MRCP(UK) London

“Babies and children with cerebral palsy deserve the very best start in life – sadly, too many are currently missing out. Disadvantaged from the start, children with cerebral palsy in the UK are often spotted too late and face difficulties accessing essential treatment which can significantly improve their life chances. With no national pathway of best practice, being a parent of a child with a disability in the UK can be challenging and many families struggle to navigate the postcode lottery of support. We cannot ignore the global evidence any longer – families in the UK deserve better. We therefore wholeheartedly support Action Cerebral Palsy’s Manifesto call on the next government to ensure that all children with cerebral palsy and their families are supported to achieve better outcomes, including investment in the health visiting service to prevent, identify and support families before they reach crisis point.”
Alison Morton, CEO, Institute of Health Visiting

“Action CP clearly highlight areas where change is required to improve provision and support for children and young people with cerebral palsy and their families. Early intervention is a key component of this, and requires early identification of at-risk infants; this requires the workforce to be adequately trained to be aware of early signs of CP and appropriate routes into referral and support.”
Dr. Anna Basu, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Paediatric Neurologist

Please click here for further information about the Manifesto.